Inktober 2017 – Week Three

Inktober 2017 – Week Three

Time has been my enemy on this third week of Inktober.  I feel like I’ve been attempting different things with varying degrees of failure and success. It’s obvious to me that I need more practice with elements such as human anatomy, light and shadow and composition.  So basically everything.  I’ve also felt like I don’t have enough time to create the drawings I want, or even to explore what I’m weak at, so my drawings feel simple and rushed and I miss glaring mistakes.  It’s easy to feel bad about it, throw up papers and declare my art sucks, but I’ll just keep plugging away.


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Time has been my demon this past week. I’ve had other things to do, and honestly, some nights I just want to come home and play the Sims.  I guess that’s the problem with only doing art as a part-time hobby.  Time management is something that will never come naturally to me.  How I got over this is simply to keep drawing.  That sounds trite, but it’s all there was to it. I could play the Sims for a few hours, or go out and be social, if I could just dedicate at least one hour somehow, somewhere to that ink drawing.  Even if it was a simple, half hour sketch, like “Day 16 – Fat Braid”, I know I could do that. And I like drawing hair, so it also took less mental energy from me.

I realized one thing out of Inktober, is that I still want to overcome these challenges, practice more and get better.  Getting better also means getting faster. It won’t take me a full hour to figure out how hands work if I kept practicing.

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