Inktober 2017 – Week Two

Inktober 2017 – Week Two

I’m in the second week of Inktober, and it’s in full swing. I’ve observed elsewhere that leading up to this month, the idea of participating in Inktober was intimidating to me. The challenge is to create 31 drawings… in ink.  I’m a digital artist, it’s the medium I know, love, and am used to. Breaking out of that is a big challenge to me, I’m sure I’ve said this before.

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Week two, I think I was pushing things a little more.  I never intended to follow the official prompts, but I started thinking of them to add to the challenge, even if I really stretched the intended definition.  Some were straightforward, like Day 11’s prompt “Run”, which made me naturally think of running from zombies.   Others were a little trickier;  Day 9’s prompt was “Screech”, but this is such an ugly word to me, I didn’t feel like I could illustrate it. So I turned it around, and came up with “Threnody”.   Day 10’s prompt “Giant” just made me think of the gigantic gowns and headdresses from the Rococo era.

This has also been a bit of a busy week for me. There were a few days where I had come home late, not feeling too well, but I tried to push a drawing anyway.  It shows in the quality of the line work especially, at least it does for me.

What I think I’ve been enjoying is that I’m drawing different things than the standard fan art.  I’m thinking about shadows, mood and scenery in different ways now.  I hope I can bring that way of thinking when I get back to my digital art.

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