Inktober 2019 – Tell Me a Story

Inktober 2019 – Tell Me a Story

It’s been two years since I did the last Inktober and this year, I’m determined to return to this challenge.

I always feel that I improve my art somewhat after I do this challenge, so this year I do want to push the limits again. With that, I may commit to a theme.

Since it’s October, it will be a spooky theme based on creepy stories you tell at night.

Here’s the official prompt list:

Here’s how I plan to do this challenge

  • 31 days of ink drawings with varying levels of detail. Some will probably be small drawings, while others may be elaborate
  • Each drawing has to be part of a spooky story.
  • I’d like to feature more scenery and inanimate objects as a way to improve
  • Anyone who follows any of my social networks will be welcome to tell me a creepy story and I’ll do my best to illustrate it

The drawings will be posted daily on my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. They’ll be archived weekly on this site.

Would you like to tell me a creepy story? Post in the comments below!

The drawing above was drawn in Clip Studio Paint. Inktober hasn’t started yet. All my Inktober drawings will be done with Ink and Paper.

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