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Ambrosial by Lois Van Baarle
Ambrosial by Lois Van Baarle


Lois Van Baarle has been a huge influence on me since I’ve discovered her artwork at some point early this year.  Her style is distinct, and her technique is fluid.  Watching her work-in-progress videos have been a treat, seeing her bring her beautiful imagery out of an empty screen.


Art style: stylized illustration, fantasy, surreal
Where did I find her: Tumblr, I think
Favourite work:  I always refer to her “Daybreak” drawing, for the ability to take a mundane, everyday scene and make it look magical with her style
What stands out most: Her technique and overall style

See more of her art at

Loish has just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to get her “Art of Loish” book created and published.  You can pre-order the book now!

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