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I’m going to try a new feature on this site dedicated to the artists that inspire me.  I like to study my favourite artists’ works, and what it is that makes it appealing to me. I’ll stop short of fangirling and saying I want to draw exactly like these people, but I know I can improve by being inspired.

Guardians of the Galaxy by Patrick Brown
Guardians of the Galaxy by Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown’s fan art has everything you’re looking for in fan art; detail, action, characters, scenery, effects and drama.  He has the talent to capture the entire spirit of his subjects (movies, games, whatever), in a single, living, breathing image.

Art style: Fan-art illustrations, comic book art
Where did I find him: DeviantArt (when looking for other Lara Croft fan-art)
Favourite work: I couldn’t name one, they’re all amazing.
What stands out most: The caricatures and the linework.

See more of his amazing art on his Deviant Art page:

Support his art, visit his Patreon site:


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