Life finds a way


Going through my backyard, I found these tiny heads poking up from beneath the dried leaves and old mulch from last year. These were the ferns I planted in this corner of my garden that I didn’t think survived because I underwatered them. But it looks like they want to live. Now I have to decide if I want to keep them or plant a bush there instead. I also found baby hostas and a Japanese ferns. The woodruff I planted last year is also coming in nicely… a bit messy, but it’s growing. Russian sage that I thought had just dried out is budding again and little leaves have sprouted around the base. It also looks like echinacea, lavendar and the crazy daisies have survived too.

The lawn renovation is coming along. Because i’m too cheap to rent proper power equipment, I’m doing this on my own, bit by bit. The boyfriend was in town with me this weekend, so he helped me with a Home Depot trip to buy soil and various seeds. I’m a little determined to grow myself a small vegetable patch this year, starting with herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. We’ll see how that works out. This could end in tears… or pasta sauce.

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