Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Woodbine Park in winter


I feel like this past year I’ve been in kind of a holding stage. I’ve been busy, working, getting by and trying to enjoy my life.  I said last year that I’d get back into my art and being a creative person. I kind of fell off that path. :p

Photos are one thing, but I need to get back into drawing.  I need a muse.

These pictures are unrelated. It was snowing heavily and I couldn’t keep the snow off my lens.  I like the tourquoise lamps that lights the parks and boardwalk around here.


IMG_7152_1 IMG_7163_1

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      I know the feeling about trying to get back into that creative feeling again. Sometimes, it may take an event, or a challenge, or a contest(?) to get back into that arena. Just thought I’d share! ;)

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