My Art in 2017

My Art in 2017

I’m writing this at the top of 2018, a little wistful of another year that’s gone away, but a bit more optimistic for the new year.   I’ve compiled some of my favourite work from this year here,  just like I did at the top of 2017, and there’s a narrated video to go along with it.  2017 brought a little change, and it’s good.

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The biggest change from previous years was the amount of work I’ve done.  My work felt more “complete”, and I was even happy with a lot of my sketches.  I tried to draw more real subjects, I tried to draw likeness, I’ve made good attempts at drawing backgrounds and trying to work detailed and clean.  I plan on carrying this to the next year on a higher level.

In 2018, I would like to participate more on social media and be more visible. I’ve been thinking of really livening up my Youtube channel.      I go back and forth on this a lot, because I’m not really a youtube type of personality.  I think putting together speed draw videos (and Sims build videos too!) is very fun, but I’m not sure if I can make it work. I’m willing to try, but I’ll feel like a dork.

Another thing I’d like to do this year, now that I’ve thought more about it: hands and ‘likeness’.  I think I need to draw hands every day this year. I also think I’d like to draw people that actually resembles their real world counterparts.  I’m bad at likeness, but some of the artists I’ve seen over at redditgetsdrawn have inspired me to improve at this.

Those are my technical art goals for this next year. My overall ambition is still in the clouds. I want very badly to get better at art, but at this point I’m not sure to what end. I thought I wanted to draw a graphic novel… but I’d also like to continue the fan art, and I’d love to put together a proper illustration portfolio. Before I can do all that though, I still have the “get good” resolution hanging over me. I’ll worry about the big stuff after I feel more confident about my work.

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