New Bike post!


So I bought a new bike.

Kona Paddy Wagon
(I’ll have a better photo when I get a chance to ride out to some nicer scenery than my craptastic backyard.)

I went to visit Liberty! Bikes, which is across from work to check out some of the bikes that I was interested in. I inquired about single-speed bikes, to which the sales dude pointed me out to the Kona Paddy Wagon in the window. It’s not in my size, he said, but they brought one in for me.

This little girl is pretty fast, I tell you what. And I didn’t appreciate how light it is compared to my Hahanna until I rode it home in the wind, which according to the Weather Network was up to 47km/h today. And riding in a fixed gear is definitely an interesting experience, something I’m catching onto pretty easily.

As for my budget, I’ll be on track with it later this month, I hope.

One thought on “New Bike post!

  1. Hey P,
    Saw your link. Hope the bike is working out well for you. Let us know if you have any trouble with it.

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