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In the end, my desire for mobility took over all senses, yet my need for economy fought a valiant battle. Desire and frugality came to a little bit of a compromise. I didn’t get the laptop of my dreams. I didn’t replace my HP Pavilion with another Pavilion, though the option was there. I didn’t get a Dell. I didn’t think I could deal with the wait. So I did some more research, visited both Best Buy and Future Shop.

And the winner?

That’s right. I got a Sony Vaio NS model. It’s pretty much what I need, for the moment. And it’s not completely generic, and awful to look at, though I’m not sure about that texture. And Vista… well, we’ll see what the big deal is. I’ve spent all night customizing it and so far, I’m liking it.  I may regret not having a decent graphics card, but like i said, I don’t need it to game. I just need to be able to carry it around without it being a pain in the ass. Having said that, I already don’t like how graphics look here. It’s not awful, but the tech snob in me wishes for more.

It’s not a bad configuration.  It’s got a 15.4 LCD monitor and a pretty simple keyboard set up. It’s a lot lighter than my old 17″ HP Pavilion so I’m pleased with that.  It’s set up with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 @2.00GHZ processor, has 4.00gb of RAM and 250gb or harddrive space.  For about $850 + tax at Future Shop, I don’t think I did too badly.  There were definitely more sexier laptops, but in the end, I had to look at the bottom line.

So we’ll see how pleased I am in a few weeks time. I’ve spent all night setting my new toy up, I didn’t even get a chance to make dinner. I have a feeling it’ll be a late night anyway.

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