Sims 3: Building a city

Sims 3: Building a city

I spent a lot of time last year building a city in Sims 3.  The Sims 3 released a Create-A-World tool (still in Beta :p), and since the most fun I have playing Sims is building stuff, I couldn’t help myself.

Several months later, I’ve finished building my city. This is pretty much what I did with my spare time.

Sims 3 city


The Sims 3 already ships with a few worlds. I only have a few expansion packs, but there’s really plenty to play around with. My only problem is that I couldn’t relate to any of those worlds.  I’m a bit particular that I like my fantasy worlds to kinda/sorta be close to my real world.

Sims 3 city  

Which kinda/sorta means I made a city that looks like mine. :p  Sort of.

Sims 3 city


My Sims 3 City…

(I’m fond of that screencap hotkey)


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