Project: Tomato

Disclaimer: I am a humungous gardening noob.  Feel free to point and laugh, but please keep in mind i ain’t no expert.

Cherries and Roma Tomatoes seeded in the last week of April:
Seedlings week 1

The seed beds are recycled containers with holes cut out on the bottom for drainage. I wrapped them up with plastic wrap. Within a couple of days, the seeds began to sprout. Romas are in the rectangular tray, and cherries are in the sour cream tub.

Seedlings, beginning of week 3:
Roma tomato sprouts
Cherry tomato sprouts

I diligently thinned the sprouts and will probably do more thinning. I don’t think that every sprout will get planted. I know they’re a little leggy. I went away last weekend and didn’t anticipate they’d come up so soon so I hadn’t given them ample lighting. I have a desk lamp with a plant bulb over them now. I rotate the dishes when I can so they don’t lean to the light.

The true leaves are coming in. I’ll keep watching them and when the leaves are a bit more established I’ll re-pot selected plants in larger containers (or all the plants, we’ll see how many recyclables I can turn into pots in the next few days).

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