Revisiting old Artwork – Daughter of the Sea

I know I rush a lot of my artwork, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m not particularly proud of the end result. I think I do much better when I take time with the piece.

For my original sketch “Daughter of the Sea“, it was a loose sketch that took about 5 or so hours. I’ve always liked the concept of the piece though and the overall composition.

I’m back on that World of Warcraft nostalgia kick, thanks to World of Warcraft Classic taking up some gaming news bandwidth lately. It was a good opportunity for me to take another look at that artwork. Instead of redrawing the entire thing, I basically rerendered it, keeping the structure of the original drawing.

I had some fun with this. I streamed the start of it on Twitch, and it did take a lot of time to finish, but I was also deliberately slow, and distracted while drawing. I can’t say how long it took me to finish, but it was a few days. I may look at some of my older work and see what could use a rerender.

Twitch Clip

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