Sims 4 Fan Art – Love Day

Sims 4 Fan Art – Love Day

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I asked on Twitter and Tumblr for suggestions for Sims players’ favourite romantic couple, whether it was “canon” or not. I decided to draw Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh from the list of suggestions.

Jennisloud suggested Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh and I couldn’t stop thinking of this scene.

Cassandra is the teenage daughter of Bella and Mortimer Goth, and is one of the Sims’ classic characters (though she didn’t appear in Sims 3 as far as I know because Mortimer and Bella were children in that game).

Darling Walsh is a Sim that appeared in Sims 4 City Living as a resident of San Myshuno. I get the sense that Darling is non-binary, so that’s how I portrayed them in this image.

This image was created live on Twitch. The time lapse is below:

Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh

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