Sketch – Blue Girl

Sketch – Blue Girl

2 hour sketch (okay, plus an hour of minor tweaking and trying to decide what colour background to use…)

by Blackdaisies


I’m at work most of my days,  so my personal challenge is to be able to draw and not take up all of my evening’s free time. Between making myself delicious dinners,  marathoning Star Trek:DS9 and hunting Pokemon,  I have a lot going on >_>.  So the deal is I draw,  and I stop drawing at about the 2 hour mark, and be in bed before midnight.

Though I’m not where I want to be,  I do find myself getting better and faster at this.  I do believe in inherent talent,  but I also know that without practising,  nurturing and,  most importantly, learning more,  talent is only going to take you so far.

Being able to draw has become an important part of my life lately.  I regret taking my talent for granted over the years and not spending more time to practice and really look at stuff.  I struggle with every drawing and I’m never 100% happy with any piece.  It’s as it should be.  I tell myself that it’s like getting back in shape.  It needs to be worked on regularly for you to see an improvement.  I hope I’m moving in the right direction.

Reference from dingelientje-stock @DeviantART 

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