Sketchbook 09/10 – 09/20

Sketchbook 09/10 – 09/20

IPad drawings using Sketchbook Pro.

I’m a bit impatient with drawing. It stems a bit from the fact that I never have enough time in the day it seems to do everything I want to do. So when I get a chance to draw, I want to finish it now.  I don’t always get to sit at my work station (which is pretty much now just a side of the dining table I’ve set my Vaio and wacom tablet up on), so I’ve been using my iPad to sketch.

Sketchbook Pro is a $4.99 app which allows me to use my iPad like a sketchbook, complete with different pencil brushes that mimics the look and behaviour of a real pencil. Furthermore, it has more brushes for painting, drawing and airbrushing and also allows for layers.   It allows me to practice my lines, structure and different colouring techniques.   Things I badly need to do.

In more personal terms, I feel like I’ve left my art behind so far, I’m out of practice, and out of touch. I could have learned more and grown, but I never did, so I have a lot of catch up to do.

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