Sketchbook 6/28/2015

Sketchbook 6/28/2015

I wish I was constantly inspired to keep drawing. I wish ideas came to me easily which makes me want to draw.  I’ve said in my last post that drawing is a comfort for me, or at least it should be. It shouldn’t be stressful. Sometimes I feel that it is.

I think I got a bit too ambitious with this drawing. I need to learn to draw more action type stuff without it looking too static and forced.  I wanted to draw Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, but I realized that I was bored with most of it.  Some of it was salvageable though, in a way that I could still have fun with it.

At the least it makes neat filter fodder.


Created using Manga Studio (Clip Art Studio). Filters by Pixlr-o-matic and  Elsamuko for GIMP.

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