Sketchbook October 6-11

Sketchbook October 6-11


I’ve been a little too busy to do everything I needed to do. I also spent the last weekend painting my living room, and I’m happy to say that it looks awesome and was totally worth the general suck-ness of painting a room.

I’ve downloaded a couple of new apps for my iPad; Sketchbook Mobile (this is a new app, different from Sketchbook Pro, so it was annoying at I had to essentially purchase the features from Sketchbook Pro again to work on the new app), and Adobe Draw. I haven’t gotten a chance to use Sketchbook yet, but Wednesday was done with Draw. I’m not sure yet if it’s any better than Sketchbook Ink, as I’m not used to the UI yet, but it at least feels responsive.

Wednesday was a prompt from Sketch_dailies and drawn and coloured using Adobe Draw.


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