I take these long breaks from drawing for several reasons. In this case, it started with a flare up of carpal tunnel and my bad back, both problems motivating me to get myself into better shape, pay better attention to my posture and just not be so lazy most of the time.

I still lack a lot of confidence with my work, which manifests as one giant block that intimidates me. I look at this block, and instead of trying to work my way around it, or chip away at it at the least, I’m demotivated and I go away and do other things. I play a lot of Sims 4 (I may go over this in another blog post)

But as this blog is about my progress, art blocks is also something  I should write about. I know most artists go through this for various reasons. Mine started off with physical issues, and when those issues lessened a bit, I found myself making more excuses, or doing something else.

So now I’m trying to put aside some time to do my art. Just like making myself spend at the minimum ten minutes a day on yoga to help with my back problems, I need to block off time to draw or paint.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do. These sketches below are less than an hour of work, and I’ve used reference, but it’s something.

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