Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Des Taylor. See more of his amazing artwork at Despop.deviantart.com and visit his blog at despopart.blogspot.ca. Just because I grew up reading comic books and watching Wonder Woman in the 70’s (well, reruns in the 80’s).

Bella Goth – Sims fan art

See more of Risastorm’s art at Risastorm.DeviantArt.com Bella Goth, the quintessential Sims, who’s life we’ve all had a chance to interfere with. She was the matriarch in the original Sims, the mystery in Sims 2, our companion in Sims 3. She’s inspired so many stories, and so many ways of playing, and yet for most of us, she’s always been […]

Blade Runner – Rachel

Blade Runner fan art, Rachel portrait by Ilya Kuvshinov (kr0npr1nz). See more of his art at kr0npr1nz.deviantart.com 100 Heroines: I’m searching for fan art for female characters from film, comic books and literature that I’ve admired at one point or another in my life.  

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