It’s Spring!

Spring finally got here, after a few false starts. The weather’s been reasonable, so I got a chance to bring my Kona Paddywagon (I affectionately call “The Irish”) out for a ride along the Beach boardwalk. I really love this bike. <3

Ride For Heart

Yesterday morning, I had the most awesome opportunity to bike the Don Valley Parkway for the Ride for Heart Toronto 2010. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit out of shape and hadn’t ridden more than 10km at a time up until this point. I wasn’t sure if I was able to handle it. But suprisingly the ride itself was not […]

New Bike post!

So I bought a new bike. (I’ll have a better photo when I get a chance to ride out to some nicer scenery than my craptastic backyard.) I went to visit Liberty! Bikes, which is across from work to check out some of the bikes that I was interested in. I inquired about single-speed bikes, to which the sales dude […]

I really miss my bike.

This the scene from my front porch about half an hour ago. I’m hoping this is the last snow storm of this season. I really want to be on a bike again. I still would like to get a decent car this year, but there is nothing like getting around on a bike, even when it’s raining, or cold outside. […]