Vintage Toronto

Since as far as I could remember, I’ve been fascinated by Toronto history.  Naturally, BlogTO‘s posts about what this city used to look like are my  favourites.

Of Hipster Gnomes and Condo Hydras

I first saw this on Torontoist and fell in love. Catshrine created this perfect fantasy map of Toronto. Complete with Distillery District Sprites and Junction Hipster Gnomes. Junction. Hipster. Gnomes. Catshrine is an art collecctive in Toronto. Their  portfolio and close ups of our neighbourhoods are on their blog

After the Great Toronto Flood of ’13

On Monday, July 8th, late in the afternoon, it started raining… and raining… and yeah, a lot of it came down. Toronto got hit with a record downpour. It overwhelmed the city’s infrastructure, and caused serious flooding in many neighbourhoods. The only way I was affected was that I was stuck in traffic.  My “Great Toronto Flood of ’13” story […]

What I like about this guy…

This isn’t me making any kind of Toronto Mayor endorsement or even saying that I think any or all of  Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone’s policies are good for the city. But I have to appreciate someone who had unfortunately never learned to ride a bike would still go out and support cycling and a decent cycling infrastructure plan in the […]

Ride For Heart

Yesterday morning, I had the most awesome opportunity to bike the Don Valley Parkway for the Ride for Heart Toronto 2010. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit out of shape and hadn’t ridden more than 10km at a time up until this point. I wasn’t sure if I was able to handle it. But suprisingly the ride itself was not […]