Spring Cleaning

I’ve been dealing with health issues for the past few months (don’t worry, I’m fine!)  Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot of regenerating. Food is part of this.

The Perfect Veggie Hotdog

Every so often, I get cravings for street veggie dogs. I know, food from the hot dog carts are dubious enough as it is, but once in a while, I just feel like having one. I usually regret it soon after… most cart vendors can’t cook the veggie dog properly, so it mostly turns out boring, bland, over cooked or […]

Peach Crumble and cute ramekins

I used to have an issue with making desserts, and only when it came to serving size. That’s nice when you’re feeding a small party or a family of four, but for one, it’s not all that practical, or healthy. Not that I wouldn’t mind sitting there and eating a whole cake pan of brownies in a night. :p So […]