Game of Thrones fan art – The Lady of Winterfell

Description Sansa Stark, inspired by Sophie Turner’s portrayal of her on the HBO show “Game of Thrones”. (I’m still very much learning how to capture the likeness of real people in my art) Drawn live and recorded on Twitch. The drawing took approx 7 hours to complete. Video is sped up 32x. Credits Music credits: “Every Step” – Silent Partner […]

Sims 4 Fan Art – Drawing The Cow Plant

Description Drawing the Laganophyllis Simnovorii, commonly known as the Cowplant, the carnivorous plant from the Sims franchise. For art giveaway winner (Twitch) LilacLydiaDeetz. This drawing took about 5 hours to complete including “tweaks”. Video is sped up x40 ish. Credits Music credits “As I Figure – Latinesque” by Kevin MacLeod “El Gavilan” by Quincas Moreira As I Figure – Latinesque […]

Drawing Your Sims – Battyboots

Description For this stream, I opened up sketch requests from followers. I had a lot of fun and drawing the requests was a nice way of practicing. Battyboots is a Sim by Rethasim and I spent a little over an hour on this sketch. Visit Rethasim and follow the adventures of Battyboots here: Credits Music credits: “Bright Idea” by […]

My Art in 2017

I’m writing this at the top of 2018, a little wistful of another year that’s gone away, but a bit more optimistic for the new year.   I’ve compiled some of my favourite work from this year here,  just like I did at the top of 2017, and there’s a narrated video to go along with it.  2017 brought a little […]

Sketchbook – Reddit Keeps Getting Drawn

I’m having a small flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome, and a mild dip in inspiration/motivation for a little bit there.  I’ve still found some time to draw before being completely burned out.  Also, catching up with “The Walking Dead” and taking in “The Crown” on Netflix has eaten up a bit of my spare time.  Does this mean we’ll be […]

Anne of Green Gables

‘Anne of Green Gables’ by L.M. Montgomery was one of my favourite books growing up.  She is unquestionably a Canadian icon, which is why I wanted to draw her to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

Practice Makes Perfect-ish

I have noticed one thing I don’t really do, or at least post about: my sketches.  This blog, being about my personal art progress, lacks records of me actually practicing. Admittedly, I rounding out my drawings with more finished lines, colour and shading and I like showing off those. I do sketch, but they are more like doodles and to me, […]

Sketch – A Cold Day

A 2 hour sketch in Clip Studio Paint to celebrate the first polar vortex of the season! Between Sims 4  and suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and a bad back, I haven’t been drawing much. I wanted to get a whole slew of stuff done for the holidays, but that probably isn’t going to happen.

Drawing – Superman

I’m actually suffering from pretty severe back pain right now, which probably happened a day or two after a bike ride home. I don’t know. In any case, I’m stuck on the couch and it’s hard for me to walk. Fortunately, I’ve got some time off, which I was supposed to use to enjoy this summer.  Oh well.