Inktober Drawing – Medusa

Description I am doing Inktober this year, and using the official prompt list. My theme has to do with creepy stories, which may include personal ghost stories, a bit of creepypasta and folklore. For Day 4, the prompt was “Freeze”. Medusa was cursed with looks that could literally turn you to stone. Materials used: Paper: Koh-i-Noor 9×12 sketchbook – heavy […]

Time Lapse Sims 4 Fan Art – Love Day

Description Love Day in the Sims, featuring Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh. This pairing was suggested by Jennisloud on Twitter and I fell in love with the idea and this scene.… Full drawing here:… The drawing took three nights to complete (approx 9 hours). Video is sped up 50x. This format is different, so please let me know […]