Animal Crossing Fan Art – Reneigh As a Human

Description I play a lot of Animal Crossing, and I also draw, so I thought it was high time I put those two together. I drew one of my favourite villagers, Reneigh, how I’d thought she’d look as a human! Time lapsed video, full drawing was about 2 hours. I haven’t really drawn seriously since the lockdown started, so I’ve […]

Sims 4 Fan Art – Love Day

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I asked on Twitter and Tumblr for suggestions for Sims players’ favourite romantic couple, whether it was “canon” or not. I decided to draw Cassandra Goth and Darling Walsh from the list of suggestions.

Video – Yuki Behr

Time lapse of my Twitch stream drawing fan art of gamer girl Yuki Behr from Windenburg (Sims 4 Get Together). This is my first ever Twitch live stream! The drawing was started and mostly completed (except for the bg) on Twitch over the course of 4 separate streams, approximately 12 hours over all. Music Credits Day 1 – composition, rough […]

Sketch – Aphrodite

  A two hour sketch that kind of stretched to about three hours with all the little tweaking I did after I should have “finished” it. I am working on a bigger project, but I didn’t want to stop doing my 2 hour drawings. Tonight, I felt like practicing painting in Clip Studio Paint.

National Bullying Awareness Week begins

It hurts to see people still being bullied, and it’s sad to see how dismissive people still are towards it. Visit to hear the full song by Artists Against. It will be available on iTunes on November 13th, with proceeds going towards Kids Help Phone.

Love Song For A Vampire

I still love this movie. The imagery is beautiful, the casting is perfect (Tom Waits as Renfield, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Winona Ryder as Mina and Gary Oldman of course, as Dracula). And Annie Lennox is incredible, as always.

Eowyn vs the Witch King

I read the Lord of the Rings in its entirety when I was about thirteen or so. And then I read it again. And a few more times for good measure. When I was young, Tolkien’s worlds opened up a lot of inspiration for me. I wish I could have collected everything. The artwork was as much a part of […]