The January Post

To me, it feels like this winter has been the coldest I’ve gone through in some time. Wind chill has been about -20ºc, it’s been grey, it’s been windy.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve been thinking about concepts like  warmth, and rest, and being home.




I’m getting this apartment together, slowly, but it is getting to where I want it to be.  I painted the blah peachy-yellow walls to greyish blue last fall (okay, I kind of fell for the paint colour name, “Tower of London”. I know I can’t be the only one that chooses paint like that!). Anyway, the change of wall colour was a big improvement on the overall look and on my mood.

dining room
Shameless Ikea print, and yes there is a box under the dining table I forgot to move for the picture.



Apartment Therapy has been helping a lot for ideas and advice.  If anything, it kept me on track for each task I needed to accomplish each week.

It’s an old apartment building in a great neighbourhood. It’s full of … ahem… “character”, and some of that “character” presents challenges.  The kitchen for example is narrow and not all the cupboard doors shut properly. The eat-in space attached to the kitchen is currently bike storage. The bathroom is small, and all throughout there never seems to be enough storage space. The latter is a bit of my problem. I still have a lot of crap that I haven’t dealt with yet.

Our main space is usually a lot more cluttered than it looks here.


I spent the beginning of 2015 in early spring cleaning mode. I’m getting as much cleaned up and purged at the top of the year so that for the rest I can start building it up and making this home prettier.

The kitchen is narrow and imperfect. I’m working on it.


No pictures of the bedroom yet. There’s really nothing new to show and I’m hoping that will be next week’s project.


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