Well, I suppose I should mention that my life has gone through some major upheavals this summer. I sold my family home, broke up with my boyfriend (we’re still friends!), and moved into a spiffy new apartment.  So I chronicled the move somewhat and here are the pictures.  I know I’m not the only one who likes to peek into other people’s places. (insert jokes about how I have the perfect job for that… ahem.)

Enough with the parentheses, on to the visuals below the cut.

I kept my searching confined to mostly the east end of Toronto. I don’t know, I suppose it’s more hip to live in the West with the rest of the cool kids, but I’ve done my time in the west end. I hung out in Liberty Village when we called it Parkdale. /before it was cool. >_>

So to the East we go. Because seriously, Queen East is the new Queen West.

My building is kind of old. I was sold on the “charm”.  Do I care that the floors are crooked. Charm.  And I can see streetcars from my window. :D


The management totally reno’ed the kitchen and bathroom. I was also sold on the modern fixtures. There is a huge appeal to living in a space where no one has ever used the stainless steel fridge.


The space which is the bedroom.


Part of the charm. The antique radiator with the caked on metal paint. So steampunk, I love it.

I bought a lamp.

 Unpacking! These dishes hadn’t seen the light of day since I moved from St. Catharines.

 Blue willow plates. I still love these.

 My Jack Skellington and Sally mugs.  I either got these from Gothauctions.com or eBay. Throwback to my auction fiend days.  <3

My first pizza in my apartment. It’s a Bianca from Pizzaiolo.

I took a trip to Walmart of all places to restock my new kitchen. Shiny.

(And yes that’s an IRON CHEF Cat Cora frying pan. Allez cuisine!!!!)

The furniture store delayed the delivery of my furniture an additional two days. It finally got here this past Saturday.  Having a couch and a bed makes the place so much better.  Right. (also I’m glad that I didn’t end up getting IKEA everything. I managed to stay somewhat in my furniture budget!) 

The naked bed! :O

And then at some point I finally brought real food into the house and made myself dinner. The grocery store had maitake mushrooms, so instead of using shitake in my crappy noodles, I used fancy mushrooms instead.

It looked better than it tasted. (kind of bland) :p

Spritzers are my new thing.

And then I put together my dinette set.

Thaddeus moved in with me today. He explored every corner of the place, and seemed to approve. He used his litterbox properly and ate when I fed him, so I think he’s settling in okay.  This is kind of a big deal for me. A home isn’t a home without a kitty. :)

And that’s the tour!