The Perfect Veggie Hotdog

Every so often, I get cravings for street veggie dogs. I know, food from the hot dog carts are dubious enough as it is, but once in a while, I just feel like having one. I usually regret it soon after… most cart vendors can’t cook the veggie dog properly, so it mostly turns out boring, bland, over cooked or under cooked and the whole experience just ends up messy and disappointing.

Today I made my own.   No, it’s not “street”, but it’s pretty damn good for a vegan hot dog!  All of this stuff, I was able to pick up at a Loblaw’s.  If you want to make it exactly like mine,  here’s the grocery list:

  • Tofurky Jumbo Franks
  • Vegenaise
  • Corn Relish (Bick’s)
  • Whole wheat italian style buns (Villagio)
  • Guiness BBQ Sauce (Bullseye)
  • Chopped white onions


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