This Is Where I Talk About Blogging More

So I actually updated the WordPress BlackBerry mobile app, I have it open and I am currently typing into the little post field. Though as I am typing it has occurred to me that I’ve forgotten how to actually blog. For blogging’s sake that is.

Things have been pretty good. I’ve been learning a lot for my business. I’ve been working with a few clients and learning a lot about the market. I’ve been trying to set up a social media presence for my business but its been falling flat. Maybe uninspired. Maybe I just don’t know how to do this well anymore.

This is kind of funny because I’ve been pretty active in other corners of the internet (waves hello to the Sims peeps). And maybe I don’t have to say anything if I have nothing to say. Though I do feel sometimes like I do have enough to say to fill a post. I either have other things to talk about or I just get lazy.

But I think I’ll try a little harder. I’ve had this site for over 10 years, its worth a reboot. I’ll have to see if there is actually anything that’s worth saying here. We’ll figure it out.

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