Throwback Thursday: L’Amour de ma vie.

Throwback Thursday: L’Amour de ma vie.

L'Amour de ma vie
L’Amour de ma vie

Thirteen years ago me and my then-boyfriend brought a little black fuzzball home from the St. Catharines Petsmart adoption center.  Within a few days, she had taught us to feed her by sitting at her bowl and demanding to be fed with the most precious-princess meow you could imagine.

I drew this picture because the next winter, I thought it would be fun to take her to the park. We lived right next to Montebello Park, and the walk wasn’t too far. Even with the snow, she enjoyed it. We didn’t stay out too long.  I never wanted her to get used to the outdoors so I never brought her out again.

I’m regretting that a little now. She clearly enjoyed it, but we had a lot of space and sunlight in that loft apartment.  I’ll always remember her with the sun on her fur though.  I can’t say she lived the ideal life, but I do try.

Aya might be suffering from a heart condition now. We are taking her to the vet to get X-rays done to get closer to a diagnosis, but from everything I’ve read, it doesn’t look good. So I want my Princess to be happy, comfortable and loved.

I drew this picture then as a tribute to that day. She is still the love of my life.


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