Tomato project update

So the cherry tomato plants aren’t doing so well. The leaves are sort of tiny and mottled and despite my best attempts I couldn’t get good growth out of them. I’m going to continue to nurse them and see how far they go, but at this point, they’re on life support. I bought two new cherry tomato plants and this morning planted them. I figured since they were already outdoors they didn’t need to be hardened too much longer. The stems grew a little crooked, but they’re green and leafy. Maybe i’ll get a salad out of it yet.

Tomato patch

Marigolds in the back, cherries along my makeshift bamboo trellis, roma plants next and sweet basil plants in the foreground.

In the 2nd veggie patch, my one cucumber seedling is doing well. The lettuce and the carrots have come up  and need to be thinned.  I may take the spinach out and plant a pepper plant instead. I’m not that big of a fan of spinach anyway.

Cucumber seedling

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