Tomatoes and Daisies

I came back home earlier in the afternoon after spending Saturday and Friday night with the boy. (We went to the Tenori-on Toronto release). About an hour after i got home and settled down, I realized that the power was down. I went to the mall to do some food shopping, and the mall was closed because power was off there too. Not sure what happened, but we all have electricity again.

While the power was out, i went to check on the garden. The tomato plants need a bit of pruning, but I tied up stems in some attempt to organize them. But I’m so happy that they’re thriving. Even my basil is doing well. I’ve been able to use the basil for salads and stuff lately too.

The cucumber plant was torn apart a few weeks ago by some animal. This bothered me, but I tucked the plant’s roots back in. The leaves were all torn up, but the roots, cotyledon leaves and the stem seemed fine. I had pretty much left it for dead, but miraculously it’s still going. New leaves have grown in to take the place of the tattered leaves. Lettuce and carrots are also growing in nicely.

Anyway, pictures:
tomato flowers

Detail of Daisy

More on Flickr!

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      hey lady, remember me at all from LJ? ^__^ your photos look great! makes me want a garden. we have a garden of sorts but it’s all ferns and lily of the valley and things like that. lots of stone paths and vines too and just very victorian. we have a lot of shade, so we mostly have things that like it… shady.

      i was looking at your photos on flickr and just have to say your nephew + the bunny is adroable!!! i added you as on contact on there. i’m just starting to get into photography so i’ve become a flickr junkie. lol.


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