The tour…

The tour…


I lived here for a year and a half. I love my spaces.

I started brand new, coming back to Toronto, trying to find footing.  It was weird, not being in an art related industry anymore and “figuring things out”, making my way. Yes, it did feel strange and backwards to be crashing at my folks house, then finding my “first apartment” again in Toronto… who did that in their late 30’s?

I’m well aware of my age, but in a lot of ways I feel like I’m in my 20’s again.  Starting from the ground up. I’m absolutely okay with that, I needed to do this, I think.

I did blog about the move-in, but I never added pics of the furnished space to this blog (I’ve showed them off on Facebook a while ago.)


Coffee table: Pier 1 Import (scratch-and-dent)
Photo album: a shop on St. Paul St in St. Catharines (downtown)
Kitty bed: IKEA
Candles: probably Winners or Home Sense
Yin/Yang tea light holders: gift
Portal Coasters: gift


I have a very common IKEA print (you know, the one of Amsterdam) hanging on my dining room wall. It was meant to be a placeholder.  I know it’s probably trite, but I actually like it.


Microwave stand: an old typewriter table that was hanging around in my parents’ basement. I think it’s neat.
Cabinet: IKEA
Fruit bowl: Collander purchased at Binz in the Beach.
Dinette: Was on sale at the Brick
Martini tray: gift :)
Glass chinese lamp: Pier 1 Import



Cookbooks: Vegetarian. Look up Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Robin Robertson.


Jewellry box: gift from mom
Candle: Dollarama
Dolls: Dream and Daniel, purchased at The Silver Snail when it was on Queen West
Alarm clock: IKEA
Lamp: Urban Outfitter on Yonge St.
Nightstand, drapes: IKEA



Duvet: IKEA :P
Poster: 1001 Nights

I liked this apartment. I think I’ve made it mine.  I wish I could have stayed, and maybe I could have made it work.  In the long run I know the move is the right decision.

On to adventures.

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