Video –  Yuki Behr

Video – Yuki Behr

Time lapse of my Twitch stream drawing fan art of gamer girl Yuki Behr from Windenburg (Sims 4 Get Together).

This is my first ever Twitch live stream! The drawing was started and mostly completed (except for the bg) on Twitch over the course of 4 separate streams, approximately 12 hours over all.

Music Credits

Day 1 – composition, rough drawing
Day 2 – line cleanup, flat colours 4:17
Day 3 – colours, shading 9:10
Day 4 – colours, shading, details 13:31

Music credits “What a baby” by Max McFerren – intro
“Marmoset” by Text Me Records/GrandBankss – 6:14
“Moonquake” by Nana Kwabena – 9:43
“Groove” by Drew Banga – 12:28
“Soul Groove” by Audionautix – 15:40
“Beautiful World” by Drew Banga 18:41

Soul Groove by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…) Artist:

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