Work in Progress… everything in progress

I’m generally a self-deprecating artist.  When I’m done something, I look at my work for hours, trying to decide if I actually like it, and for ways to improve. I stop looking at it (like, to go to sleep), then upload it to the cloud and look at it some more on my phone, on the way to work, at work, etc. etc. I do this not because I’m vain about my work, but because I keep seeing problems and try to tell myself that I can live with them.

This is weird into itself. I do a lot of colour sketching, it’s not meant to be a professional piece.

I’ve been drawing almost every day for a month now. I’ve been looking at other artwork that I like, techniques, tools, and I’m not even done. I look back at last year’s work and I’m actually seeing an improvement I think.  I’m not so self-critical that I can’t tell myself when something is working.

My line work is still shit, but my structure is getting better. ^_^

Work in Progress – project name “Chamomile”

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